The four big reasons why people use Admiral Storage

  1. By law you need to keep your financial documents somewhere safe and secure so that Revenue and Customs can look at them whenever they wish.

    If you have got lots of space with no difficulty in accessing the boxes, fine.  If not…

  2. You need somewhere that is secure.  

    That doesn’t just mean somewhere that is locked up, but it means somewhere in which no one else can get at your documents – even by mistake.

  3. Some documents will need to be retrieved, and taken to your office.

    Some just need to be inspected on site.  So you need flexibility.

  4. And you’ll need flexibility in terms of space as well – whether you need space for a few boxes or thousands of boxes.

    You’ll want to know that even if your requirements change in three years time your storage facility will still be able to cope.

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